The Big Self School Holiday Gift Guide

We thought you would appreciate this handpicked list of 12 items our staff loves for themselves and loves to gift.

Holstee Reflection Cards

We love us some Holstee. They come up with some unique ways to prompt new ways of looking at and engaging with the world. These cards are a way to grow meaningful connections. Every deck includes 100+ thought-provoking questions centered around mindful themes like Adventure, Creativity, and Resilience. Each card has a unique and abstract design, representing the adventures, stories, and ideas that make us who we are.

Holstee Manifesto Letterpress Cards

While we're on Holstee, another fun idea is to grab six of these 5 x 7 cards to share with and inspire others in your life. This is your life. Do what you love.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

This charming, beautifully crafted story is an instant classic. Charlie Mackesy offers inspiration and hope in uncertain times in this beautiful book, following the tale of a curious boy, a greedy mole, a wary fox and a wise horse who find themselves together in sometimes difficult terrain, sharing their greatest fears and biggest discoveries about vulnerability, kindness, hope, friendship and love. The shared adventures and important conversations between the four friends are full of life lessons that have connected with readers of all ages.

Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life

The workplace is a magnet for clutter and mess. Who hasn't felt drained by wasteful meetings, disorganized papers, endless emails, and unnecessary tasks? These are the modern-day hazards of working, and they can slowly drain the joy from work, limit our chances of career progress, and undermine our well-being. When Shelley took these ideas from Marie Kondo seriously, she began making the hard choices of how she would design her office. What a difference a book can make! 

Who Do You Think You Are? 365 Meditations and the Books they Came From

We love books, so we'll include one more from our very own presses! The quotes from this book inspire, comfort, and challenge. They represent a wide diversity of experiences and ideas. This book is a guide, a traveling companion. A dream of book recommendations from the recent to the ancient, plus plenty of ideas and questions for you to actively think, reflect, feel, and meditate upon the whole year through.

Message Sign Board

How fun is this? With versatile letters, this changeable letter board has more possibilities than you can shake a stick at. Use it as a chore board or message board for your home to remind something when you are going out or leave a message to your families, friends. Use it as a decor with inspirational or cinematic quotes, poems or lyrics on the board for your home. Use it to highlight milestone events. Use it as a diet plan or exercise goal to achieve. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Full Focus Planner

The Full Focus Planner has changed our life. It takes a commitment, but it is worth it. And, no, you can't just make yourself To Do lists. The planner incorporates researched-backed, goal-setting and productivity principles. Including Goal Templates, Ideal Week Template, Monthly Calendars, Rolling Quarters, Daily Rituals, Daily Pages, Weekly Review, and Quarterly Review. Everything is created to keep you focused and thinking on the macro and micro levels day in and day out.

New Apple AirPods Pro

No more having your rabbit eat through your wires. Wait, that just happened to us. Seriously, cutting yourself from the cord and going wireless is where it's at people. You see all the Zoomers who are doing it. We especially love the noise cancellation and the customizable fit.

Purifyou Premium Glass Water Bottles

Safe, stylish, and multi-functional, these water bottles was easy, fill up easy, and you can take them anywhere.

Yoga Ball Chair Exercise Ball Chair

When we use this chair in the office, it has been loads of challenging fun. It's strangely relaxing, keeps you using good posture, and keeps you focused.

Arianna Huffington's Phone Bed Charging Station

You've read your books and articles on digital minimalism. You've complained that you can't get away from your devices. You've run around from station looking for an outlet for one device or another. Not anymore. Put your devices to bed. Collect them in one place, and sleep well.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you do spend a great deal of time on your screens, consider saving your eyes the strain. These glasses are versatile, designed to be worn by men and women, and among their many benefits, also help you sleep better, especially when you're on your screens as bedtime approaches.

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