Solitary work that can't be done alone.
Big Self Leadership Accelerator
The Big Self Leadership Accelerator is a
3-month group coaching program designed for proactive leaders who want time-tested strategies to accelerate their personal growth.
Curated small groups.
Professionally facilitated.
This is not your typical leadership development program. With the use of the Enneagram system, we go deep and get personal.

The Big Self Leadership Accelerator gives you the tools to tune into and rise above your blind spots and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Actionable results in a remarkably short span of time.
Our strategic and well-researched plan provides you with a focus and a framework that puts you ahead of any learning curve.

Through the lens of your Enneagram type, discover where you land on 7 essential leadership skills and how to develop them. 
We are a close-knit community that supports your growth.

When it comes to developing deep self-awareness, as well as learning skills and strategies for consistent self-observation, you will only get so far on your own. You need the observations and insights of the collective. 

Leaders in business, finance, tech, hospitality, healthcare, and education are perfect candidates for the Leadership Accelerator.

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How does the Leadership Accelerator work?
Complete the questionnaire.

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Groups begin again in September 2021 and we will contact you when your group is starting! Join the waitlist.

Meet your guide, Shelley Prevost.

Shelley will facilitate your group with depth, compassion, humor, and candor.

What can I expect?

Groups are 90-minutes long and will run every other week for 12 weeks. Each meeting will begin with a short teaching that will help guide our conversation.

What is the Leadership Accelerator?
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