Find your Inner Circle
You are not alone.
Your Inner Circle is a supportive community with one goal in mind -- to help you create a life of deep meaning and purpose.
Facilitated peer learning groups
Inner Circles is a 20-week program designed to help you gain clarity on your purpose, deepen your self-awareness, build resilience, and accelerate personal and professional growth.

Inner Circles are uniquely designed for those making a social impact through their work.
Here’s your invitation to slow down. To deepen your connection with yourself and others. And to discern where and how to make your biggest impact on the world around you.
We are a close-knit community that supports you.

Inner Circles are uniquely designed for those making a social impact through their work. High-stress environments can wreak havoc on our happiness and steer us away from our purpose. We have to be intentional and proactive about how we want to live our lives. Your Inner Circle gives you the space and structure to do just that. 

Healers, helpers, leaders, educators, creatives and activists who want to deepen their impact on the world with their mental and physical health intact are the perfect candidates for an Inner Circle.

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How does an Inner Circle work?
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Groups are 90-minutes long and will run every other week for 20 weeks. Each meeting has a set theme that guides our discussion.

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